Finding the path from imagination to practical use by taking common sense and elegant design to the next level. Achieving houses that people are elated to call home. 


The primary and founder, Megan,  initially went to school forinterior design and her passion for construction landed her in architectural. She began working in the field until she was capable enough to go out on her own. We believe it is the combination of these experiences that have made her a well-round designer and so unique to this industry; where architectural and interior are often separate services and skillsets. A variety of different  project is important for our team and have included: Interior Design, Additions, remodels & and new construction. We spend as much of my time designing as we do making sure the homeowner is involved in the design and process to help guide them through unknown territory.  In doing so we can create an experience and a process that reflects the same level of care and quality as the design.


Skills Include

​​Interior Design




Obtaining Permits

3D Rendering

Live Drafting

Project Coordination

Managing Consultants 

Cabinet Designing

Tile Layouts

New Builds

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Over the years Megan has made certain to master her drafting skills. This allows us to do real-time drafting, along with 3D Renderings. Which invites the clients to sit with us in front of a monitor and edit in live-time. Providing an enjoyable experience and giving the recipient understanding and the opportunity to provide input and make quick changes.  

Along with that we offer all parts of design. This means the exterior, interior and the execution of the project are all cohesive with a standard that can't be beat. 

Let the home speak for itself!"
It is a simple concept and one that is often mentioned yet less likely to be utilized. There is a fine line between ego and opinion and how it can impact design in the best way possible. For most homeowners or clients these projects take up a valuable amount of time and resources which should respected. We feel each space touched deserves the chance to be its best while still making sure it suits the client’s needs in one seamless dance. Our team works hard to balance this through using all the insight and knowledge gained over my time in this industry. Making sure to clearly define what it is we are looking for and what is the best way to optimize that.


Megan miner

- Residential building designer -

Full Service Architectural & Interior Design

From conception to completion, We offer assistance throughout the process of design, permit and construction. Making the process streamlined and easy with all your home design needs fulfilled in one place.

Over the last 10 years Megan has been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of individuals and job sites. Our services include that of conservative remodels to expansive brand-new spec homes.

As a Residential Home Designer, Megan offers her knowledge, passion & design aesthetic to projects to help homeowners, investors and contractors design floor plans, dream-up kitchen cabinets, create interesting tile layouts, develop empty lots and navigate the city permitting procedures. This unique wholistic view of projects ensure the interiors and exteriors dance seamlessly. 

Our services include Architectural drafting & drawings all the way through site measure to pulling final permits. Along with the Architectural we also offer Interior Design services including hard and soft finishes. This means, we can work with mood boards & 3d renderings to provide a full picture of your new and beautiful space. We work with you for sourcing materials as well as tile layouts, cabinet drawings, furniture placement, space planning, fabric selection and all that would be needed to finish the interiors of your home finishes and furnishings.